Want to Become Successful at Copywriting? Here’s How

So you want to become a copywriter? That’s an excellent choice. You’ll get to choose clients, adjust rates and practically work from anywhere.

But that’s not the most exciting part. You don’t need any formal training to get started with freelance copywriting. Think of it as an art, where you get better with time.

When it comes to numbers, experienced writers make a little over $100,000 per month working with only a handful of clients. But, don’t take this the wrong way. Nobody is saying that copywriting is easy. There are a couple of things you need to repeat religiously to make it work.

Start a Blog

During the first few months as a writer, nobody knows who you are. So running a blog is the surest way of putting your skills out there. The blog becomes a portfolio, and that’s what potential clients want to see.

Many writers, however, don’t update their blogs. Maybe because they have a bigger client list or they are not managing their time right. The idea behind adding fresh content is showing your current skill set.

Pitch Every Day

Admittedly, pitching is the most discouraging part of freelance writing. You will get a ton of rejections and even more dead ends when clients don’t even bother sending the rejection mail. Don’t give up.

There are plenty of sites to go hunting for work. And jobs boards happen to be the favorite pitching ground for many writers. But a good strategy would be to send out 5 pitches on a bidding site and another 5 cold pitches to random websites every day.

Niche Out

There are millions of writers across the world competing for the same gigs. So if you really want to stand out from the herd, go ahead and niche out. It sends a strong message that you genuinely understand a particular topic. And that makes you the go-to copywriter for that niche.

Some of the most lucrative niches include finance, tech, advertorials, and annual reports. Pick one that aligns with your interests, then start pitching.

Invest in Courses

The secret of remaining sharp in the writing realm is taking courses. You will save lots of time by knowing how to write killer pitches, where to find jobs, and how to submit work minus the trial and error that comes with doing them on your own. But be sure to take another class a few months down the line as it will do you good.

Connect with Other Writers

Feel free to join a writers network to stay updated with the current trends in the market. You’ll know the standard rates for a particular niche, and where other writers look for writing gigs among other things. Besides, writing can feel quite overwhelming especially if you are starting out, and there’s nobody to point you in the right direction.