The Top Six Must See Writer Jobs Boards

If you have just broken into the freelance writing realm, and wondering how writers make six figures a month, you’ve come to the right spot.

Most writers find themselves in the content mill thicket when starting out. And that’s okay, as it’s a nifty strategy that helps them acquire the much-needed experience. Think of it as an incubation period, where most of the hard work, such as finding and dealing with clients, is done for you.

However, since the mills have to pay editors, writers, bills and still make a profit, the remuneration is typically not that good. So, there comes a time in a writer’s life, when the need for higher rates overpowers everything else.

If you are ready to break out, here are some jobs boards that will help you land your first client.

ProBlogger Job Board

This site is perhaps the most valuable source of jobs for writers. It is quite popular with US-based companies, so there are new listings every day. But the best part is, most clients on this board are willing to pay premium rates for high-quality content.


Though Flexjobs is not exclusive to writing gigs, there’s always something for an interested writer. Clients on this site offer temporary work, part-time and remote positions. So, be sure to bookmark the writing jobs section for quick access.


This site is yet another paid jobs board that guarantees quality clients. The good thing about Contena is that they notify you, through an email, when a client in your speciality leaves a request on the site. It also allows you to filter jobs in your niche; a feature that saves lots of time.

Freelance Writing

This site scrapes popular jobs boards like Indeed and Craiglist for writing gigs and puts them all in one place. The board lets you view the listing on site, or from the source. And you might end up landing a long-term gig on this free platform if you have excellent writing skills.


This platform looks like ProBlogger in every shape and form. Even some of the jobs tend to overlap on both sites, but BloggingPro doesn’t have nearly as many jobs as the former. However, you can find some new writing gigs on this site once in a while, so it’s worth a short.

The Freelance Writers Den Junk Free Jobs Board

This board takes a slightly different approach than the other sites on this list. They charge a monthly fee of $25 to access it, but as the name suggests, they filter out the requestors too. Clients on this site are ready to pay premium rates in exchange for quality pieces; therefore you might consider adding it to your basket.