The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting Courses

Anybody can become a copywriter. But the difference between a great and struggling writer is how much they invest in their skills.

While copywriting is one of those careers that you can get into without formal training, you might want to invest in a couple of courses and books to improve your writing skills. But with so many options out there, a novice writer may have a hard time knowing where to put their time and money.

So whether you’re a novice or seasoned writer looking to upgrade your skills, we have something for you. Here are the top 5 writing courses available today.

Writing with Fair 2.0

This introductory course covers everything you need to get started as a copywriter. Shani Raja, the creator of this course, is an experienced editor who has worked for top publications such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. In this class, Shani shares some of his knowledge on how to bring clarity, simplicity, and elegance to your writing.

Copywriting Secrets – How to Write Web Copy that Sells

If you’re looking for a course that covers a wide range of business copywriting, this is it. The creators, Len Smith & Sean Kaye, show students how to write white papers, press releases and case studies. But it doesn’t stop there; they go ahead to show you what to do with them after that.

This course suits intermediate writers who are ready to niche out. So expect lots of tips and industry secrets of how to impress editors as well as the target audience.

American Writers and Artistic Inc

This course promises to turn your average writing income into six figures. It is perhaps the most popular writing course that was ever created by Mark Ford – one of the most prosperous copywriters of all time.

After enrolling, you’ll get a mammoth book that has pretty much everything you need to know as a site owner or copywriter. And you can either have it explained to you by tutors or read it on your own. But either way, you’ll have to write two pieces that will be brutally assessed by knowledgeable editors.

Copywriting Master Course – Work from Home 3 Hours a Week!

This writing course from Max Barra is the ultimate starter pack for aspiring writers. Not only does the class cover the basics of writing persuasive marketing copy, but it also illustrates how to set up a winning marketing strategy for your copywriting business.

Steve McDonald’s Content is King

If you have been struggling with coming up with content ideas, editing and writing for a particular audience, this course is tailor-made just for you. Steve McDonald shows people how to place keywords naturally into a piece, write descriptions and how to crown copy with catchy headlines in this self-paced class.